Engagement Douro Valley

couple engagement in Douro Valley, woman walking along with man while holding him

Engagement in Douro Valley​ What a beautiful day. Sunny weather, not too cold nor too hot. I’d say we had the best day of the week. Ashley and Hannes flew to Porto for the first time and planned a day-long road trip into the Douro Valley hills. Road Trip – Douro Valley With over 2,000 […]

Blindfolded Marriage Proposal – Torel Palace Porto

Blindfolded Marriage Proposal Alexander’s choice of restaurant was spot on. He wanted an excuse to blindfold his girlfriend, so he could do a surprise marriage proposal to her. And… the title says it all, he definitely got it!  Blind is the name of the restaurant where it all happened. It’s a lovely decorated space, which […]

Same-Sex Marriage

Sneak peek Same-Sex Marriage This same-sex marriage happened right there, on a public garden. Yes, it was a rush, a true adventure as they’ve decided last minute to get married! They came all the way from Israel to Portugal, they loved the city and felt inspired to do it.  “Now comes the knitting, the tying, […]

Surprise Marriage Proposal Douro Valley

Surprise Marriage Proposal at Douro Valley Been chatting with Kevin for a few days, making sure this surprise marriage proposal was perfect planning! I can say he was nervous, who wouldn’t right? We managed to make all the arrangements without Monica getting suspicious. (Phew!) They flew from New York to Porto (ohhh NYC, how much […]

Halma Wedding

wedding couple seated in a balcony at Halma Nature venue spot

Halma Wedding – tri’Tangle of Love This is my wedding day and I’m not wearing white! Like a bold statement and we love it. It all took place in Halma Nature & Sea, a lovely venue just outside Lisbon and let me tell you, it was a heck of a day! Getting Ready – The […]

Thrilling Wedding at Quinta de Monfalim


Thrilling Wedding at Quinta de Monfalim thrill·ing [ˈθrɪlɪŋ]  ADJECTIVE causing excitement and pleasure; exhilarating: “a thrilling adventure”. Electrifying. exciting!   The day had finally come. It was going to happen. It was a struggle to get to this moment. Fact. But they had made it. We had made it. I was part of it, we […]

Beach Engagement in Costa da Caparica

Beach Engagement photoshoot couple watching the sunset

Beach Engagement Beaches are so much fun, they offer stress-free, colorful setting for your beach engagement photos. It will depends on the time of the year, but usually summer time in Portugal, you can get crazy sunset light starting around 8 PM.  The light is softer, you will be able to open your eyes conforatblly […]

Destination Wedding in Alentejo

Bride and groom holding hands standing in front of a tree

Destination Wedding in Alentejo Alentejo has a special place in our hearts for a long time now. We love those golden endless plains with cork trees and the peace of Alentejo. So, it goes without saying that we were absolutely happy when Laurie & Rémi invited us to be a part of their big day […]

Holiday in Lisbon – Engagement Photoshoot

Couple on a balcony in Lisbon Downtown, kissing each other

These cuties were such a blast to photograph for their engagement session! We wandered around downtown Lisbon chasing the sun and all that charisma Lisbon has to offer. I just love to do this, engagement photoshoots with such good people are the best and we had so much fun.