Beach Engagement

Beaches are so much fun, they offer stress-free, colourful setting for your beach engagement photos. It will depends on the time of the year, but usually summer time in Portugal, you can get crazy sunset light starting around 8 PM. The light is softer, you will be able to open your eyes comfortably and the beach will probably be almost empty. Trust me, in peak summer hot days, having all the space for yourself will be much appreciated. 

Beach accessories you might consider to wear

Sunglasses and other accessories are ok to bring on, just remember you will have to take those off otherwise no one will be able to see your face properly. Hats are welcome, as long as they are rounded. Cap’s will probably be in the way, and will cast a shadow on your face most of the time. 

You may wear sundress for a casual look on a beach, and keep in mind, flip flops/ sandals are not mandatory. You can just leave the shoes elsewhere and go bare feet as you will probably want to walk alongside the water anyways.

Sunscreen is your friend specially for a beach engagement photoshoot

Don’t forget about sunscreen beforehand as usually photoshoots can last for one hour or even more. Be as light as you can, avoid backpacks/ bags, you don’t want to have anything weighting on you. Aside from walking a few steps you won’t be happy dealing with where to place it hidden everytime you stop. 

If you want, we can plan to do a longer photoshoot and stay after the sun sets. In these scenarios, a blanket to lay down can come a long way, and some refresments as beer or wine can help set the mood.

An engagement photoshoot will help you slow down and soak in this special time in your relationship and will leave you with beautiful images. Choose a location that is meaningful to you. This beach was the amazing Costa Caparica shore.  

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