Blindfolded Marriage Proposal

His choice of restaurant was spot on. He wanted an excuse to blindfold his girlfriend, so he could do a surprise marriage proposal to her. And… the title says it all, he definitely got it! 

Blind is the name of the restaurant where it all happened. It’s a lovely decorated space, which is part of Torel Palace, downtown Porto hotel. 

It’s actually a tribute to writer José Saramago’s Blindness. They advertise it as an invitation to take a journey that goes beyond the palate. “An experience that involves emotions, memories, and all the senses”. What can I say? An absolute perfect fit.

Blind Dinner

They had an amazing dinner, flavoring a 10 course meal, saving the surprise to the very last moment, the dessert. She was blindfolded, as an excuse, to better savor all the desserts flavor. Right in that instant, he carefully took out of his pocket an origami red rose case with this beautiful ring on top. 

She was completely took by surprise. She look at him and needed a few seconds to get a sense of what was really going on. She couldn’t believe her eyes, He was right beside her holding what was going to be her engagement ring. Smiling and tears, everything at once, it was overly intense and emotional for both of them. So much so, they almost forgot the dessert. 

Torel Palace Porto Overnight Stay

Having dinner in such a fabulous restaurant, on such a memorable night, what could be done to make it even more perfect? You’ve guessed it, an overnight stay in this phenomenal hotel. Torel Palace Porto is housed in a stunning mansion, which was later transformed into a charming five-star hotel. 

girl standing on the light coming from the window in Torel Palace Porto
boy wearing his jacket after doing a surprise marriage proposal to the girl
Girl in red dress at Torel Palace Porto seated in a bench after being proposed to get married

Living to its fullest, getting ready overwhelmed in happiness, that was the mood of the morning after. The light was brightening just enough to see the reflexion of the windows frames in the green wall in front, leaving a tiny “shy” light shining through (such a tongue twister, try saying it fast). 

For all of you wondering, this engagement ring was made by the help of the amazing Elizabeth Cooper

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