Visiting Azores Pico Mountain is the highest point in all of Portugal. Standing high from its 2,351 meters of altitude, is the highest peak in Portugal and the third highest in the Atlantic Ocean. The beginning point for all climbers is Casa da Montanha, which is located at a height of 1200 meters. You will […]

Madeira Island

Madeira Island, a great surprise! Madeira Island is a gem in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s amazing how such a tiny place can have the nicest of people, hills that will make you wonder whether the car will make it or not and breath-taking sunsets. I have numerous favourite spots and it’s just incredible […]


London is only a couple of hours away so it’s the perfect getaway for a long Spring weekend! There’s nothing you can’t find in London: people from all over the world, all the trendy brands and a wonderful mix of new and old. My favorite place was Camden Town and I’ve spent hours at the […]

New York for the first time

I could simply leave this blank. New York City requires no introductions, no descriptions and no reasons. It’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made, and I wanted to go there for so long! This trip was all about photography and  wanderlust! Highlights were the views from the top of the rock, the MoMA, the […]


It’s such an amazing city for walkers. Only got one day to explore it so it was about meandering walks by the Seine and the Louvre.


Sunny Rome The foodie in me was just thrilling with the perspective of Rome for a week – and I was not disappointed. A friend from Rome gave me all the restaurant tips which was incredibly helpful. Tried some typical trattorias where I would be the only foreigner, the result was lovely pastas and the […]

South Africa

South Africa, let the adventure begin We started our adventure in South Africa by visiting the Kruger Park. Because we were feeling adventurous, we decided to go on a tour by ourselves (yes, you’re allowed to do that :p). It was a true lifetime experience, and all went well except maybe for a close encounter […]


Visting Turkey I was longing to visit Turkey. First stop was going to be Istambul, where I’ve seen Hagia Sofia and wander around town. What made me really excited though was Cappadocia. Its distinctive moon-like terrain, the peculiar rock structures known as fairy chimneys, such an historical place. Turkey: Istambul and Cappadocia In Cappadocia people […]


Visiting Israel Tel Aviv is until today one of my favorite cities in the whole world. It has the most amazing beaches, tasty food, night life and beautiful sunsets. While in Tel Aviv, I also visited the port of Jaffa. Masada takes you back 2000 years to the times when Israeli resisted the Roman invasion. […]