Elegance and Ecstasy: Wedding at Aqueduto Eventos, Porto

couple kissing during ceremony in Aqueduto Eventos

Elegance and Ecstasy: Wedding at Aqueduto Eventos, Porto An Industrial Oasis: Aqueduto Eventos The narrative takes shape in the captivating industrial oasis of Aqueduto Eventos in Porto. It’s here that the elegant union of Francisca and Diogo unfolded, creating the perfect backdrop for a day brimming with love and anticipation. Their celebration can be likened […]

Eloping in Porto

Couple holding hands walking to Eloping in Porto

Love in the Streets of Porto: An Enchanting Eloping Story In the heart of Porto, amidst the cobblestone streets and bustling atmosphere, a couple from Ireland embarked on a romantic adventure. Their elopement journey unfolded in the most unexpected and delightful ways. Some prefer to go all out, planning every detail for a full house […]

Halma Nature and Sea Wedding

wedding couple seated in a balcony at Halma Nature venue spot

Halma Nature and Sea Halma Wedding – tri’Tangle of Love This is my wedding day and I’m not wearing white! Like a bold statement and we love it. It all took place in Halma Nature & Sea, a lovely venue just outside Lisbon and let me tell you, it was a heck of a day! […]

Thrilling Wedding at Quinta de Monfalim

Thrilling Wedding at Quinta de Monfalim thrill·ing [ˈθrɪlɪŋ]  ADJECTIVE causing excitement and pleasure; exhilarating: “a thrilling adventure”. Electrifying. exciting!   The day had finally come. It was going to happen. It was a struggle to get to this moment. Fact. But they had made it. We had made it. I was part of it, we […]

Destination Wedding in Alentejo

The Ultimate Destination Wedding in Alentejo Alentejo has a special place in our hearts for a long time now. We love those golden endless plains with cork trees and the peace of Alentejo. So, it goes without saying that we were absolutely happy when Laurie & Rémi invited us to be a part of their […]

Extraordinary Wedding at Quinta dos Machados

Extraordinary Wedding at Quinta dos Machados This venue is so much more than it meets the eye! A few kilometres from Lisbon is enough for you to reconnect with nature. For many, Quinta dos Machados is like a refuge that invites you to relax. It has a sensory pedestrian path, an even an observatory of […]

Winter Wedding at Quinta do Convento Páteo Velho

Getting to know Quinta do Convento Páteo Velho​ Quinta do Convento Páteo Velho in Alenquer is such an amazing wedding venue! Its historical buildings and gardens are so picturesque and the scenic vineyards that surround them are just breathtaking! It is also home of exceptional winemaking tradition and has been awarded with a number of recognitions. […]

Badass Wedding at Quinta da Torre

Badass Wedding At Quinta Da Torre Badass /ˈbadas/ noun       a formidably impressive person This is the first word that comes to mind when we think about these two wonderful humans. Their happiness and joy were just so real. Nothing, not even the rain, that wouldn’t stop pouring that day, would wipe off those […]

Epic Destination Wedding in Azores

Epic Destination Wedding In Azores The Azores are amongst the most beautiful islands in the world, easy to understand why, it is known for hosting dreamy alike destination wedding. Made from Volcano Eruptions, located quite literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, meaning almost halfway between Lisbon and New York, it takes about 2 […]

Secret Spot Wedding at Montes Claros

Montes Claros – Wedding in Lisbon Sofia & Rui chose October for their big day. We love the light and the colors in the Fall and the weather was just perfect. We started the day with Sofia and his family. Bridesmaids were so funny and welcoming, and we had some good laughs before heading to the Venue in Lisbon.  Secret Spot – Getting […]