Going for a holiday weekend? Couple photos?

Let’s get inspired!

Whether you feel like wandering around town, visiting the city’s most iconic places and have a perfect holiday memory together or if you’ve just got engaged and feel like doing an intimate shoot to have some couple photos, we’ve made this page for you!

Getting engaged is an incredibly special time in our lives. You’ve found the person you want to be with for always, and you want to make that commitment to each other official. You’re already feeling it, those gorgeous portraits that you can proudly hang on your wall of your new home. 

You don’t need to feel nervous, we can assure you after a few minutes, it will feel like a walk in the park. And I mean that literally, pun intended! Apart from getting marvelous pictures, it is quite an experience. You will see yourselves in a way you’ve never seen before. We are specialized in capturing the true authenticity of whom you are. We will never ask you to do something against your natural behavior. That’s why our pictures look genuine, because they are. Let’s make this magical moment happen.

Getting outside the city to a green park or a more private beach, it is a great opportunity to get in touch. We will love to be with you, taking pictures as we go. This will give you something different to look back at when you arrive home (or when you feel the holiday blues!).

We are Porto, we are Lisbon, we are Algarve, we have it all in Portugal. And that’s such a tiny country we can make it from top North to the Southwestern point really quick. So yes, whether you are traveling to see the douro valleys, the ancient castles and bridges, endless beach coast, riding a boat up river… Endless possibilities here and we you’d love to be your vacation photographer.

Get the most of Porto city

The famous S. Bento railway station with the retro colorful windows and those exquisite blue tiles adorning the walls. The Dom Luís Bridge, with its metal double-deck and arch is an iconic symbol of the city from the 19th century inspired by Eiffel. The view from the lower floor is unmissable and it stretches all the way down the river where you will also see old town Ribeira, with all those houses stacking each other funnier you can’t miss out.

Visiting Lisbon

The romance of catching tram 28 and getting a glimpse of the houses that decorate the hill. Enjoying the view at  Miradouro da Graça, one of the most famous Lisbon’s viewpoints. The shade of the church behind you and its pine trees give it a perfect summer vibe for those who take a rest at the café. Located next the Saint Jorge castle, where the view of Lisbon is quite simply stunning. The daily life of the historic neighborhoods goes about its business, the long bridge on the horizon and all those terraces spread around each house at your feet, river flows in the background. This spot is so popular with those who also like to discover Lisbon on foot.

Also just outside Lisbon, the point where the land ends and the sea begins. Immortalized in the famous words of Portugal’s greatest poet, Luís Vaz de Camões, Cape Roca with its 140 meter high cliffs impresses all who visit. These are just some of the experiences that can make your vacation feel unforgettable.

Algarve is quite a place

The blue sea and its gently lapping waves. Golden sands framed by cliffs and rocks. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of an international destination. This is the Algarve, super hot beach holidays in the sun, endless hiking spots and trails to be lost in, discovering the best shade spots to brag a drink at sunset. Sounds like a perfect vacation doesn’t it?

Making it memorable, book a photographer

If you are already picturing this, now imagine everything you just read with the person you most want to be with in this perfectly memorable engaging couple photoshoot! Can you see yourselves having fun together, going here and there and going back home knowing you can relive this times? We love to paint, kind of, camera is our brush in a sense. We do it freely, improvising brush strokes, because life is full, and we want you to feel the same freedom as we do. Be wild, be adventurous, be bold, be you! 

engagement in lisbon couple holding beers together
beach couple in their engagement photoshoot

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