Special Destination Marriage Proposal

The viewpoint is called Miradouro da Serra do Pilar and it is breathtaking. You can see the Douro River powerfully filling the frame. On one side, old houses stacking on top of each hill, full of color. On the other side, a green park that oversees all those Wine Tasting Lodges Wine Tasting Lodges uphill. And, in the middle, yes, an absolute instagram hit: Dom Luís Bridge, also called by many as the Eiffel Bridge (designed by Teófilo Seyrig, a Gustave Eiffel pupil).

What a pleasant surprise! The plan was to get a flight from San Francisco all the way to Porto. But little did she know he had something up his sleeve, or I should rather say, in his right pocket. 

marriage proposal on viewpoint Miradouro Serra do Pilar. He is kneeling in front of her, she is smilling.
couple almost kissing each other
couple kissing each other
people on the street clapping hands after seeing the marriage proposal happen

We couldn’t have asked for more. The perfect scenery in the background, the weather was just right and even those around had a chance to witness it and start cheering and congratulate the now engaged couple! What a lovely moment!

Marriage proposal going definitive "Yes!"

They were so happy it was a true joy to be around, and definitely a great pleasure to become part of their story as the photographer of this marriage proposal, finally happening after such long planing.

I don’t know if it was the fact that they were visiting Porto for the first time, or that there was rain forecast for the afternoon which never came or the fact that we were having such a great time together. All the above, maybe, but the light on their faces, their authenticity, the love in their eyes… oh, their eyes could speak in silence. Their eyes could shout without saying a word. That’s how the mood was set. A true pleasure. I guess the images speak for themselves. Can you see it too? Don’t you feel like buying a plane ticket somewhere, spend some time with your partner and sweep them off their feet right at this moment?

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