Epic Destination Wedding In Azores

The Azores are amongst the most beautiful islands in the world, easy to understand why, it is known for hosting dreamy alike destination wedding. Made from Volcano Eruptions, located quite literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, meaning almost halfway between Lisbon and New York, it takes about 2 hours to fly from Lisbon to the Azores islands, and only 4 hours from Boston.

How is it like in Azores?

A prime choice for reconnecting family and friends in a perfect destination wedding and holiday vacation combined. Enjoying the gorgeous landscaping and the countless local natural attractions, tasting the local products, the great wine, swimming with dolphins, or relaxing by the seaside! The best time of the year to visit the Azores islands is between May and October, when flowers will be in bloom, and the weather forecast is more accurate. Don’t worry too much about it though, as weather is pretty much always a runway of all season in the same day. If it is raining in the morning, a hot afternoon in the beach is pretty much a given. Temperatures are mild, rarely drop below 14ºC/ 52º F.

We were thrilled when Rita & João invited us to be a part of their day and create memories for them together with our friends from Sublime Films. We spend the day before the wedding with Rita & João wandering the island and chatted about the plans for the big day over lunch. And soon enough it was time! The morning started with rain but in good Azores fashion, by lunch time it was already a glorious sun and the day turned out to be very hot. João and his mates were chilling by the pool at his parents’ farm where the celebration took place.

Rita was getting ready, surrounded by her girls, all looking amazingRita Caetano was in charge of makeup and Tiago Soares did the hairstyling. Rita was wearing a beautiful Rosa Clará dress and had a lovely handmade bouquet. 

The day was a pure celebration of love with friends and family flying in from all over the world and everything was planned and made by family and friends, every detail was so intimate and full of care. Rita’s earrings and the wedding rings, that we thought were super original, were designed by their brother-in-law Romeu Bettencourt. 

The cake was handmade by Carolina, Rita’s sister – best caramel cake we ever had (Colher de Pau).

The party was amazing, with Miguel Abrantes Botelho performing for the crowd. Looking forward to going back to beautiful São Miguel island and meet this beautiful people again!

Azores Island

Right in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, almost untouched nature, the beautiful offshore views, the peaceful lakes with velvet green mountains, overwhelming waterfalls, to naturally heated sea water pools!

Are you already picturing yourself in a dream can true Destination Wedding in Azores?

A wedding surrounded by full nature?​ We are always eager to visit Azores Islands, if you’re thinking on it, let’s us know, we will love to give you inside tips! Let’s rock together!

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