Destination Wedding in Lisbon

The day started in Ericeira, a small town beach coast not to far from Lisbon city center. With all those summer vibes, surfers wandering around and the sea breeze. 

Vera was just wunderbar and had the most catching smile. Vera’s bridesmaids arrived shortly after and were wearing lovely light blue dresses that were a perfect match for that wonderful September sky. Rute Calçada took care of makeup and hairstyle. 

Ericeira - Getting Ready

The bouquet was one of the most beautiful we ever saw so we had to include it when photographing the wedding rings. We always have lots of fun photographing these details, we believe they play a role in telling the story. 

Last Minute Prep

In good Portuguese fashion, Vera was still writing her vows that morning.

Not far away, Frank and his family, who had come from Germany, were waiting and the vows had been written months ago.

Vera wore a beautiful white lace dress by Binder Brautmode.

Wedding Venue

The venue was in Sobral de Monte Agraço, in Lisbon, a gorgeous rural style place surrounded by green hills that has the most amazing sunset.

Wedding Ceremony

The celebration was really emotive, and Frank even attempted to read his vows in Portuguese, which touched everyone especially Vera! Love truly has no boundaries! Their little nice even presided the ceremony, making sure everything was according to plan and making everyone smile, super funny!

Cheers to the Perfect Wedding Reception

Laughter, Cocktails, and Fun in the Sun!

The atmosphere was filled with contagious laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the sweet melodies of cheerful conversations. Cocktails in hand, they mingled and celebrated, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors, sounds, and happiness.

Summer Evening

The weather was so great that Vera decided to gather people around outside and get the bouquet attached with strings and “blindfolded” let the winner be randomly chosen. Everyone was having such a good time and enjoying themselves!

Soak Up the Summer Vibes: Wedding Party!

The scene was just stunning, filled with colorful summer blossoms and quirky embellishments that emphasized the season’s carefree character. The DJ’s energetic melodies generated an appealing rhythm, encouraging hips to sway and feet to dance in unison, allowing people to let free and be themselves. It was a real celebration of love, friendship, and the magic that happens when the embrace of summer collides with the pleasure of a wedding day.

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