Engagement in Douro Valley​

What a beautiful day. Sunny weather, not too cold nor too hot. I’d say we had the best day of the week. They flew to Porto for the first time and planned a day-long road trip into the Douro Valley hills. The couple’s journey began with a breathtaking boat trip along the enchanting Douro River in Porto. As they set sail, the gentle breeze kissed their faces, while the shimmering waters reflected the golden rays of the sun. The boat glided smoothly, offering panoramic views of the valley. 

Road Trip - Douro Valley

With over 2,000 years of winemaking history, many traditional small villages have remained untouched. The Douro Valley is a World Heritage-listed region known for its port wine production. With has six designated wine valleys known as Aldeias Vinhateiras do Douro. Barcos, Favaios, Provesende, Trevoes, and Ucanha are among them. When you visit these villages, you will be able to see how the locals live, which has remained largely unchanged throughout history. Despite an increase in tourism, these villages remain traditional and authentic. And the pictures show that it’s a magical place. The sight of all those hills with the sun shining down the river is breathtaking. A must. 

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