Engagement in São Miguel

The Azores are amongst the most beautiful islands in the world, easy to understand why. Made from Volcano Eruptions, located quite literally in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, meaning almost halfway between Lisbon and New York, it takes about 2 hours to fly from Lisbon to the Azores islands, and only 4 hours from Boston. 

couple in sao miguel island viewpoint walking together towards the camera
couple hugging each other in sao miguel

The climate of the Azores Islands is pleasantly warm in summer yet cool for many months. The Island is located at the same latitude as the Mediterranean Sea. However, the influence of the ocean makes the climate mild by comparison, especially in the summer, when the temperature is lower than on the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean. However, interestingly enough, as we’ve been told by locals, 
if you wake up and see rain or fog don’t worry too much because it’s still possible to have a sunny day in just a few minutes. That’s why you will see some pictures taken under a powerfully blue sky yet some under heavier fog. 

Azores Island

A secret European oasis, São Miguel island is a nature lovers dream: from soothing natural thermal pools and scenic hikes, to dramatic coastlines and volcanic landscapes. And we’ve seen a lot with this two. They showed us all those less visited spots and we could stay there all by ourselves for a long time. Which turned out great, having this energetic lovely couple, amazing landscape and time to spare with noone around was just too good to be true!!

São Miguel is so beautiful

It just is! And the engagement photoshoot turned out great. We couldn’t have asked for more. We had a blast together, the Island is definitely a dreamy place. We even got the chance to use the public road, I mean, what else could we have asked for. 

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