Halma Nature and Sea

Halma Wedding - tri'Tangle of Love

This is my wedding day and I’m not wearing white!

Like a bold statement and we love it. It all took place in Halma Nature & Sea, a lovely venue just outside Lisbon and let me tell you, it was a heck of a day!

Getting Ready - The Movie Scene

We found the perfect place for Bruno to get ready. A space decorated with beers, clocks and a cool snooker filling the room. The light coming through the window was just enough to give him and  everyone else a moody cinematic look. This and his bow tie giving vibes of the Godfather movie, was the right “cue” to gather everyone around the snooker and get a shot.

The scene was set. People were having fun. And there is no such thing as too much fun, right?

Halma - Nature and Sea

Halma – Nature & Sea. This venue is located in Palmela. You wouldn’t think this is just a few kilometres outside Lisbon. Here you find yourself  submersed in gorgeous valley, with all those trees on the horizon. Feels like a completely different place, definitely not city-like. You can even see a few horses around the field. 

Marta was having her makeup done while their friends were taking turns getting dressed. The spotify was playing in the background, and I must say:  the playlist was definitely tailored made for this.


Marta’s jewellery looked awesome and special. It was made by her mom. You need to follow her for more art piece work, trust me. Her store front is called mariagabrieljewelry and you can find her here

The bouquet Marta was holding was also very unique, complementing well the color palette set. 

Halma Outdoor Ceremony

The ceremony took place outdoors. It was sunny and.. well, a very hot day actually. Those abanicos came out really handy. 

It was very personal and intimate, we got the chance to hear speeches as friends were taking turns to say a few words. Seems everyone had something to say, good things of course. 

Bruno and Marta way for making a vow to each other was very peculiar. I thought the idea was brilliant. A custom made thumb-slide gum dispensers. Such a cute thing to do. 

They put them on display afterwards and even took them out again to cake’s decor.

You know people love to steal cake props and this was no exception. I can assure you they remain safely guarded as whoever stole them has created an instagram account on their own, you can follow their adventures here.

Halma Table Decor

Earth tones and green, and this time with an orange accent.  Sometimes the simpler things are more appreciated. A tent with a great view of the top of the hill, indeed made a memorable dinner view.

Intimate Shoot

We’ve decided to do it indoors. A way to get out of the heat and have some free time for themselves. After all this was the first time they were together, alone, as a now married couple. 


As soon as they arrived people were going crazy. They have been planing something: a surprise dance for them. Masks, gun pistols shooting paper and of course, Sporting C.P. cheering scarves. They were having a blast. 

Wedding Party

YourJukeBox were in charge here. And as always they know how to deliver. Everyone was going bananas, the music was great, the lights were on point, ending the night the best way possible.

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