Holiday in Lisbon - Engagement Photoshoot

You won't believe when we've decided to do this

It was a national holiday in Lisbon, even though it was a bit windy for the evening, lights were just perfect. Of course it was, we couldn’t have it any other way, it’s Lisbon after all and there is no such thing as no wind forecast.

Famous for its seven hills, the scenery was set for a perfect sunny weather. The sun was  blasting and it was very, very hot. At least the wind was blowing a bit. 

Did I already mention that I love wind? Wind can make images even more powerful. It was such an exciting time.

Yes! Seeing Lisbon city so full of charisma decorated for the Saint Peter fest made it even more special. And these cuties were such a blast to photograph for their engagement session! We wandered around downtown Lisbon chasing the sun and all that Lisbon has to offer in this time of the year. They grab a beer, one for each of course, and toast with a Portuguese named brand beer, SuperBock. They just went for it.  Improving, chilling, having the most of this hot summer evening. 

We even saw the famous yellow electric city bus, and almost like on purpose in its sparkling magic, coming between their interlaced hands. 

I just loved to do this engagement Lisbon photoshoot, we’ve ended up having dinner together, listening tradicional songs from the street and cheering up for the fest with a few locals. Such good people and we had so much fun. Feel free to stick around and see other photoshoots we’ve done.

Are you planning on visiting the city soon? Let’s get in touch, send as message, having pictures will give you something different to look back at when you arrive home (or when you feel the holiday blues!).

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