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Hey there, I’m Andre, your storyteller behind the lens, ready to guide you through the enchanting world of love in Lisbon from the latest wedding I photographed.

Lisbon Wedding Spotlight: Quinta dos Machados

Nestled just a few kilometers from Lisbon, Quinta dos Machados is more than a venue; it’s a nature retreat. As your dedicated Lisbon Wedding Photographer, I’ve beautifully captured weddings in this enchanting space, where every moment is infused with the romance of Lisbon.

From the smooth petals forming a gateway to eternity to the glittering lights adding a touch of whimsy, Quinta dos Machados sets the stage for a mystical realm of love and passion. Your Lisbon wedding becomes a timeless tale woven into the beauty of nature.

Why Lisbon:

As your Lisbon Wedding Photographer, I know the city is more than just a backdrop; it’s a friendly embrace, a haven for great food, and a place where the sun always seems to shine a little brighter. It’s safe, inclusive, and LGBTQ friendly – making it the perfect destination for your dream wedding.

More about my work as a Lisbon Wedding Photographer:

I believe in capturing the simplicity and randomness of life – the sun rays in a cold morning, the fog in a winter night, the sound of the sea waves, the smell of grass, and the warmth of summer days. Life, in all its beautiful details.

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