Montes Claros - Wedding in Lisbon

October was selected for the special day, celebrated for its enchanting light and the vivid colors of fall. The weather, in a serendipitous turn, was ideal, adding to the charm of the occasion.

The day began in the company of the bride’s family, where the bridesmaids’ humor and warmth set a joyful tone. Laughter filled the air before the journey to the venue in Lisbon commenced.

Secret Spot - Getting Ready With Friends

Upon arrival at the stunning apartment, the atmosphere was abuzz with preparations. Lilia Costa was skillfully crafting the hairstyle, while Andreia de Almeida – M.U.A. applied the makeup, enhancing the bride’s natural beauty. The anticipation grew, culminating in the reveal of a delicate short-sleeved gown from Pureza Mello Breyner atelier, which draped elegantly. Complementing this, the bridesmaids were adorned in petrol blue dresses, radiating charm and grace.

Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony unfolded in the stunning setting of Nossa Senhora do Amparo church in Lisbon. The couple’s emotions were palpable, making for a truly beautiful moment.

Celebrate with a shot

They exchanged vows in a conventional church wedding. Their loved ones greeted them outside, carrying foliage and rice to shower them with blessings. A few of close friends had a pleasant surprise in mind for the happy celebration. They gave the newlyweds commemoration shots and raised their glasses in toast to their eternal bliss.

Montes Claros - Wedding Venue

From there, the journey continued to the venue, Montes Claros – Lisbon Secret Spot in Monsanto. The venue is truly spectacular, with the dining room offering views over the beautiful gardens, the lake, and one of the best sunsets in Lisbon. Before dinner was served, there was time for a fun game with all the guests. A quiz was conducted by Dr.Why to find out how well the guests knew the couple. The table that won the quiz was rewarded with an invitation for dinner at the newlyweds’ place, which added to the fun!

Montes Claros - Party

The couple’s closest friends disclosed an unforeseen event that filled the air with laughter. They took the stage and serenaded the newlyweds with karaoke versions, changing the lyrics to represent the couple’s unique journey and love story. It was a touching and distinctive occasion that highlighted the couple’s profound friendship with their dear pals.

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