Norway: Hiking Preikestolen and Visiting the Colorful Houses of Oslo

Hiking the Preikestolen

Norway is a country that has always fascinated me with its stunning natural beauty, rich culture and friendly people. I was lucky enough to visit this Nordic gem last winter.

One of the most iconic sights in Norway is the Preikestolen, or the Pulpit Rock, a massive cliff that rises 604 meters above the Lysefjord. I decided to challenge myself and hike to the top of this amazing rock formation. It was a cold yet sunny day, so I was well-prepared with warm clothes, sturdy boots, and a backpack full of snacks and water. The hike was not easy, but it was totally worth it. The feeling of accomplishment, the fresh air, the exercise, and the breathtaking views made it an unforgettable experience. I felt like I was on top of the world, literally and figuratively.

A Winter Wonderland of Adventure and Cosiness Norway

I headed to Oslo, the capital and largest city of Norway. A vibrant and modern city that offers a lot of attractions, culture, and entertainment. I loved walking around the colorful houses and the cozy cafes. Such a simple thing yet so pleasurable, when I went inside a coffee shop to warm my hands and enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate. I felt so cozy and relaxed. 

I guess Norway is a country that has something for everyone, whether you are looking for adventure, nature, culture, or coziness

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