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I’m drawn to life’s simpler, more spontaneous moments. The sun’s rays breaking through on a brisk morning, the mystery of fog at night, the soothing sound of waves, the earthy smell of grass, the comforting warmth of a summer day… Life is an adventure with so much to explore! 

Photography has been a part of my journey for years. A penchant for the vintage led me to acquire a collection of classic analog cameras, including one from the year I was born.
The discipline of analog photography is a stark contrast to digital. With only 36 frames per roll, each shot is deliberate, teaching me to be both an observer and a perfectionist. It’s a practice in mindfulness that I’ve come to appreciate.
Whether it’s analog or digital, my camera is my constant travel companion. I’m excited to share my travel journal with you, documenting explorations in foreign lands or just around the corner. Let’s embark on this visual voyage together!

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Travel Journal

From abroad to local, explore it all!

There’s something humbling about being surrounded by the vastness of nature, where everything feels grander than you could ever be. Reflecting on my youth, I recall gazing at the world with wide eyes—everything seemed monumental. Roads stretched out endlessly, cars loomed large, and even a simple door frame appeared as a towering gateway. As years pass, these giants of my childhood have shrunk back to their true size, but the wonder they inspired remains.

As we grow, the world seems to shrink. The towering giants of our childhood become the manageable realities of adulthood. Yet, in the wild or in new places, I chase that childhood enormity. We all want to feel that vastness again, don’t we? To live, if not forever, then larger than life for a moment.


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