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I love the most simpler and random things. I’m kinda attached to those. The sun rays in a cold morning, the fog in a winter night, the sound of the sea waves, the smell of grass, the warmth of the summer days… Life. So much to do with it! 

Photography is part of my life for a few years now. Being a sucker for retro, I bought a couple of old analog cameras. The first one I got, was made in the same year I was born.

The thinking process behind analog film is so different from digital. You don’t shoot indefinitely, you only get 36 frames per roll and you don’t shoot fast at all. It’s something that makes me more an observer and a perfectionist. It teaches me patience, so I like to keep as a habit. 

Being analog or digital, my camera is pretty much always on me. I’d love to also share with you my travel journal, visiting other countries or just around the block in my hometown, feel free to hop on board. 

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Abroad or inside, check it out!

I love to hike and explore the wild almost as much as I love my coffee and my chocolate. The feeling you get when everything around is bigger than you will ever be. When I was younger, I remember the way I look at things that were twice my size. The road felt larger, the cars were bigger, even a simple door frame was so much more than it actually was years later.

The perspective change dramatically as we grew older. Everything became smaller than what I thought of it. I guess, in a sense, exploring the wild or visiting places I’ve never been, is my way to chase the same feeling I got when I was younger. We all want to live forever, right?


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