Quinta de Santo André Wedding: A Symphony of Elegance and Celebration!

Let’s dive into the magic of a wedding day at the prestigious Quinta de Santo André, a gem nestled in the heart of Barcelos, Braga’s district.

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Modern Elegance Meets Timeless Sophistication

The grand moment arrived outside, near the palm trees and the fountain. A cascade of fireworks painted the night sky as the couple cut the cake and toasted to their love. Champagne flowed, and cheers echoed through the night.

The Garden Oasis: A Majestic Surrounding

This venue is more than a setting; it’s a masterpiece of architecture that effortlessly blends modern sophistication with timeless elegance. As you step outside, a vast garden embraces the grand house. Imagine the lush greenery, the vibrant colors, and the tennis court inviting guests to enjoy the outdoors. The garden sets the stage for a wedding where nature and elegance dance hand in hand.

A deck, bathed in sunlight, becomes the canvas for cocktail hour

Sipping Happiness

Surrounded by palm trees, guests indulge in laughter and joy. The wall fountain whispers tranquility, and a second fountain near the fireworks spectacle adds a touch of magic to the celebration.

Quinta de Santo André: Prestige and Charm

Dinner and a Blast from the Past: 80's Cassete Takes the Stage

As the evening unfolded, the celebration moved indoors for a delightful dinner. And then, the stage belonged to Cassete 80’s, an ’80s band that turned the night into a concert. Laughter, dancing, and pure delight filled the air, capturing the essence of carefree celebration.

Getting Ready Details

Under the skillful hands of makeup artist Marcia Dinora, each brushstroke and every detail harmonize to unveil the radiant beauty of the day.


Dance, Love, and André's Beats: The Night Unveils Its Magic

DJ-FI crafted a playlist that kept the night alive. Laughter, dance, and the symphony of love continued under the starlit sky.

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