Getting to know Quinta do Convento Páteo Velho​

Quinta do Convento Páteo Velho in Alenquer is such an amazing wedding venue! Its historical buildings and gardens are so picturesque and the scenic vineyards that surround them are just breathtaking! It is also home of exceptional winemaking tradition and has been awarded with a number of recognitions.

This venue, has always been a legendary Alenquer wine. Its red wine combines power and elegance, as well as concentration and fullness on the palate. Rather sinewy in style, wine provides excellent aging potential. 

Páteo Velho Vineyard

The celebration area was being prepared upon arrival and the bride was getting ready with her friends in the yellow house.

The warmth of the room contrasted with the cold outside and everything was very peaceful. 

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are loved for everything they offer: the wintery colors, the sunlight that has a different glow to it, and the invigorating effect of crisp mornings. The couple chose dark red as the color of their day. All floral pieces were made by Flower Love Wedding and were simply gorgeous, from the bride’s bouquet to the centrepieces.

Wedding Dress from Aire - Barcelona

The bride chose a lovely short sleeve dress and dark red shoes from Aldo. There’s something about headpieces that’s hard to resist! Definitely check out CATA VASSALO if you’re a fan too! They have the most gorgeous exclusive and handmade wedding accessories. The headpiece that the bride was wearing was so beautiful and matched perfectly with the entire look!

The Nanny Moment

The door slowly creaked open. It was the grandmother, overjoyed and in love with her grandchild. She entered the room with a big grin on her face and her arms spread wide to hold her grandchild. As she clutched her so closely, she was completely oblivious of the almost flawless makeup and meticulously set up hair. But as they embraced, all the chaos appeared to melt into laughter.

It was a moment that encapsulated the spirit of family, love, and the beauty of flaws. And, as the bride’s grandmother squeezed her one final time before leaving the room, it was evident that no amount of cosmetics or beautiful hair could ever compare to the warmth and affection exchanged between generations.

Almost Time

The bride looks stunning as the finishing touches are applied. Her hair is perfectly coiffed, with each strand softly put to frame her gorgeous face, making the headpiece stand out even more. Her exquisite and magnificent dress floats around her as she prepares to go down the aisle and begin the next chapter of her life. 

The bride prepared a little surprise for her best friends and offered each one a bracelet. Of course, a proper drink was in order and they celebrated together and toasted to happiness!

Vineyard Outdoor Ceremony

The ceremony setting was a vision of elegance, adorned with stunning floral arrangements and nestled amidst the picturesque vineyards. The atmosphere was utterly enchanting! The couple radiated happiness throughout the event, their exit marked by a shower of flower petals. As the cocktail hour unfolded, Tortuga Voodoo serenaded the guests with live music. Pateo Velho was in charge of catering with extreme competence and delicious food. 

Intimate Couple Photos

If you have been following us for a while now, you know we love contrasts, the improbable and unlikely things in general really. This is an incredible venue to photograph in. From vineyards, enchanted woods, fairytale towers, wine cellars and rooms fit for royalty anything is possible. We hold dear all these elements but were particularly drawn to the tennis court.

They were so happy and overflowed with joy after their wedding ceremony, the perfect moment for some portraits! Their willingness to embrace creative ideas was truly appreciated!


The couple’s friends brought the celebration to life with performances that captivated all in attendance. Toasts were made under the open sky, and nostalgic chants from college days echoed amongst the group. The day was filled with laughter, the weather was cooperative, and the festivities continued with unabated energy.

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