Extraordinary Wedding at Quinta dos Machados

This venue is so much more than it meets the eye! A few kilometers from Lisbon is enough for you to reconnect with nature. For many, Quinta dos Machados is like a refuge that invites you to relax. It has a sensory pedestrian path, an even an observatory of stars that was made from an old water reservoir.
Outdoor ceremony in Quinta dos Machados, everybody Seated clapping hands feeling happy
Bride walking to the altar with her dad in the middle of the crowd while groom is looking at her

Authentic entertainment by Bandalheira

You would let yourself be absorbed by the beauty of the treetops and the matching decor during the ceremony. But there was something waiting to happen right after. Original Bandalheira, a musical entertainment team, that drew on even more the feeling of joy. The newlywed and their guests were delighted!

bride and her father and guests walking on the street of Quinta dos Machados with two musicians playing
After the ceremony celebration, bride and groom walking while guests throw petals

Local accomodations

Apart of main accomodations, Quinta dos Machados has a few rooms available specialy when a wedding is taking place. This is so handy for the getting ready preparations. We had a house all by ourselves. Inês was having her makeup done by Laura Lucaz, Max was writing his votes while a few guests were having a drink outside or.. iron the shirt on the very last minute! Everything happening at the same time, just how we like it.

bride holding the bouquet on hotel Quinta dos Machados

Details and acessories

I just love the idea on how a bonsai was used to hold the wedding rings. And the earings were a perfect match with that blue ribbon. This is so satisfying, I dare to say, so OCD friendly! Of course we couldn’t forget to mention the ceremony decor. The flowers in pastel colors in a more natural vibe. 

wedding ring on a bonsai
wedding earings jewelry

Party Time

Time is funny like that, emotions can make it speed up or slow down, we are all time travelers. One last toast and night time came. Colorful led lights filling in the dance floor and glasses on hand, they were ready!

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