Thrilling Wedding at Quinta de Monfalim



  1. causing excitement and pleasure; exhilarating:

    “a thrilling adventure”. Electrifying. exciting!


The day had finally come. It was going to happen. It was a struggle to get to this moment. Fact. But they had made it. We had made it. I was part of it, we as a team. I won’t ever forget the warmful hug I got as soon I as arrived at the wedding venue. And then, the way Josephine walked the first few steps towards meeting Jeroen for the ceremony. How they held onto each others arms…

In that moment I knew. All the emotions flew past everyone sharing that “room” the same way. You know that feeling; how your skin shivers unexpectedly? The feeling of both pure joy and tears of happiness combined? That was it. We were there. We witnessed. Now, let us show you, let the pictures lead the way!

Josephine and Jeroen exchanged vows in a very sublime fashion. At one point thou, Josephine tried to grab his pocket squared only to find out it came all the way out. The mood was the perfect balance between tears and happiness.  

Outdoor Party - Quinta de Monfalim

Let’s get this party moving shall we? Cocktails were already being served when we were surprised with a local team, drumming their way into the place. Everyone was going bananas, they really knew how to get people moving around and dance at the same rhythm. Everyone, I mean, everyone was loving it. 

Time To Cool Down

We were having a blast. But even the strongest dancer has to rest sometimes. It was the perfect moment to have to some time alone. Just a few minutes to cool down and get this lovely shots before coming in for dinner.  

Quinta de Monfalim Design Decor

Quinta de Monfalim host a special place for an outdoor ceremony, which is located in the upper floor. Leaving the lower floor for the dinning room. The table was set, U type design with pastel colored flowers and corks. A faded elegant look. 

"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"

That’s exactly it. Looking from outside this party was absolutely insane. Looking from within, oh yes, it was just right. 

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