10 Top Queries: Your Roadmap to Wedding Photography Clarity

Discover the Top Queries in Wedding Photography as we delve into your burning questions, from gallery previews to attire tips and beyond!

10 Top Queries: Your Roadmap to Wedding Photography Clarity

Question 1: Can we see a full wedding gallery? 

Absolutely! It’s crucial for us to connect virtually, getting to know each other and brainstorming together. At some point, sharing a full gallery becomes essential, allowing you both to envision what lies ahead. Exploring a complete gallery grants you a comprehensive understanding of my photographic style and how I weave together the myriad moments throughout your special day – it’s like a sneak peek into your future album! Feel free to reach out, and let’s schedule a time to dive into a gallery that resonates with your vision.

Question 2: How many photos will we receive? When?

This question pops up frequently, and rightfully so. The number of photos you’ll receive hinges on various factors, including the duration of your wedding festivities, whether we’re capturing the getting-ready phase, and, of course, the flow of events during the day. We’re like paparazzi for love – drawn to where the action is unfolding; if a lot is happening, we tend to pursue it. If the wedding is more private and reserved, we understand and adjust our shots accordingly. On average, you can expect a treasure trove of 600-700 photos for a full wedding day, all tucked away in your private gallery, ready within four months at most.

Question 3: How will our final photos be delivered to us?

The final gallery is delivered through an online platform, offering a straightforward way for you and your guests to view and share the memories. For those wishing to have tangible keepsakes, prints can be ordered directly from the gallery with ease, ensuring they arrive right at your doorstep. Guests are also welcome to download their favorite images free of charge, allowing everyone to hold onto a piece of the joyous occasion.

Question 4: Are all images delivered edited?

Yes, all images are edited and delivered in JPEG format. I take pride in my work and ensure that every image meets my brand standards before delivery.

Question 5: Do we provide a second photographer? 

Yes, I always have a member of my team along. Having a second photographer allows for more comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, capturing different angles and perspectives. This ensures that every significant moment is preserved. For smaller events like elopements or intimate weddings with fewer than 20 guests, a solo photographer is typically sufficient.

Question 6: Do we have experience with your wedding venue? 

As a Portugal wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of shooting at many top venues across the country. While I may not have worked at every venue, encountering new locations is an exciting opportunity to capture your story in a fresh and unique way. Every new venue is a blank canvas with endless possibilities. Even when I return to familiar grounds, I make it a point to reinvent my perspective. The light dances differently each day, and I love the challenge of not just capturing moments but creating art that’s exclusive to your day.

Question 7: Do you provide albums? 

Absolutely! The standard album is a 10×10 inch treasure, handcrafted in Portugal, featuring lay-flat pages that beautifully showcase your wedding photos. It’s designed to be a timeless keepsake of your special day.

Question 8: What happens if you are unable to shoot our wedding? 

While I’ve never missed a wedding, unforeseen circumstances can arise. In such cases, I have a network of trusted photographers who can step in. 

Question 9: Are engagement sessions offered? 

Engagement sessions offer a chance for us to collaborate in a more laid-back setting, where you can become acquainted with how I work behind the lens. But here’s the scoop: they’re quite different from the whirlwind of your wedding day, to the extent that I cannot say they are a prerequisite. During an engagement shoot, we need to set the scene. On your wedding day, you’re more immersed in the moment, given the fast-paced nature of the day, and I’m there to capture the spontaneous moments as they happen, without any orchestration.

Question 10: “What should we wear for our engagement or bridal session?

Selecting attire for your engagement or bridal session is a reflection of your unique personalities. The key is to opt for outfits that exude comfort and confidence. When you’re comfortable, your genuine style shines through, and you’ll feel relaxed and recognizable in the photos. If you’re struggling with wardrobe decisions, my experience suggests that solid colors tend to work best. If patterns are your jam, ensure they complement each other or consider one partner in patterns while the other opts for solids. Remember, less can often be more impactful. Opting for a bold color? Let it take center stage while keeping the rest of the ensemble neutral. There’s no need for perfectly matched outfits; in fact, embracing contrasting styles often yields striking results. Let’s reserve matching outfits for the twins – and maybe the occasional themed party! :)


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