Visting Turkey

I was longing to visit Turkey. First stop was going to be Istambul, where I’ve seen Hagia Sofia and wander around town. What made me really excited though was Cappadocia. Its distinctive moon-like terrain, the peculiar rock structures known as fairy chimneys, such an historical place.

Turkey: Istambul and Cappadocia

In Cappadocia people have been using the region’s soft volcanic rock for ages to create dwellings, cave churches, monasteries, and even deep subterranean towns. According to what I gather, although the most of them are now used for tourists, some people still live in these cave shelters today.

Cappadocia Air Ballon Experience

One of the most well-liked activities in this area is riding in a hot air balloon due to the region’s distinctive beauty. Hundreds of vibrant balloons are frequently seen in the sky in the early morning, just before daybreak. That, exactly that, I was most looking for. And now, gotta say, it is a must-do, an absolutely breathtaking experience.

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